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ReiNand License (GPL version 3)

The original open source N3DS CFW! (now with O3DS support!)


You’ll need armips and bin2c added to your Path. HERE are the pre-compiled binaries for Windows.

make - Compiles All. (launcher and a9lh)
make a9lh - Compiles arm9loaderhax payload

Copy everything in ‘out’ folder to SD root and run!



Cakes team for teaching me a few things and just being helpful in general! And for ROP/mset related code, and crypto libs.

3DBREW for saving me plenty of reverse engineering time.

Patois/Cakes for CakesBrah.

Yifanlu for custom loader module!

Steveice10/Gudenaurock for helping a lot with arm11 stuff!

Normmatt for sdmmc.c and generally being helpful!

AuroraWright for being helpful with better sysmod injection and stuff!

Rei for being super chill, good friend, and a great mentor. Also made ReiNand

ChaosKagami for Corbenik, where I sourced my Backdoor Patch from.

Me (Crimson) for making patches and shit for Reboot and SCVBackdoor.

Crystal the Glaceon for testing patches and NATIVE_FIRM updates!

The community for your support and help!